20 for 20…

The end of the year push seeks to steal the joy from the season and the celebration.

Let’s not let it.

Call your Top 5 clients and personally wish them a Merry Christmas!

Personal contact never goes out of style, does it?2015.12.22

For the coming year, have the person who owns your calendar put a monthly appointment for 20 minutes.

I call it the 20 For 20!

Invest 20 minutes every month for your Top 20 clients and connectors! Review the Google alerts and think about one thing you can do to add value to the 20.

Send an article or book. Congratulate them on something. Send a cartoon. Wish them a Happy Birthday.

Do this every month in 2018 and watch what happens to those 20 relationships!

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

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