advisor marketing and P90X3

Last week, Beth and I just got going again on P90X3. We’ve been through it a number of times in the past. However, something pops up and we fall off the wagon.

Then it’s mental game to get back on the wagon.

We made the commitment AGAIN and got started last week.

Advisor marketing is like that.

You start, get rolling… get prospects rolling in and then you stop. Where are you now?

You have your Prospects Drivers and Marketing Calendar set for the year? You ready to crank it up… to stack your credibility and draw Right Fit Prospects?

Hope so…

Like P90X3, you have to:

1) Make the commitment.

2) Budget time (and money).

3) Get a blueprint.

4) Get started.

5) Stay at it.

It’s your time.

Get started.

Stay with it.

You are worth it!

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