advisor marketing with no competition

Watching Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson battle it out in the British Open made me wish I was a great golfer (even an average golfer would be an improvement. Pipe dream, though.

Wishing you had no competition is the same. Pipe dream.

Almost a million.


That’s how many advisors there are… give or take a few. That means 1 advisor for every 8 millionaires.
Plus… attorneys offering planning. And CPAs. And Banks.

Now, robo-online options.

All vying for the attention of the affluent.

Flip that around. Think about finding an advisor from the standpoint of a prospect.

How easy is it for a prospect to tell the difference between you and every other advisor coming at them?
Not very easy… unless you help them.

When there’s no difference between products or services, you’re just rock salt. A commodity.

If prospects don’t quickly and easily understand how you are different, they will compare you on the only basis they know: price.

How? There a multiple strategies. Let me share just one.

Write down what makes you different than your competition.

I took my differences and wrote an article, Find Me A Specialist.

My research showed that the affluent value specialists, so I used that in the title of the article. And I listed the three characteristics that a prospect should look for in an advisor.

Of course, the three characteristics made sense… and I had all three.

You must teach your prospects “how” to choose you.

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