advisor’s confusion… and battlefield…

Today is my wife, Beth’s birthday. 🙂

So, I’m off for the day celebrating with her.

Many advisors are confused…

They spend too much time thinking and worrying about their competition. The battle is not with your competition.

The real battle is in a 6-inch battlefield.

If you don’t get this, you’ll never be successful with the affluent, or anyone for that matter. The 6-inch battlefield that you must “take” if you are to have any chance of success with the affluent is your prospect’s mind.

The battle for attention… the battle for mind space.

As best we can understand it, the mind puts things that are important to you in little boxes, locks them up and resists having to open them up again once they are filled.

Hence, when a prospect thinks they have the “advisor slot” filled, in their mind there’s no need to address the issue again. The “advisor slot” box is locked.

To unlock the prospect’s advisor slot box, you must give them something of interest – something of value.


Value Added Content. No value. No Access.

What are you offering to prospects that creates value for them?

In our Ultimate Nurture System, advisors receive access to two Special Reports I’ve written for them to use with prospects. The first in titled, The 6 Most Dangerous Pitfalls To Your Lifestyle In Retirement.

Wouldn’t you be interested in that report?

Remember Scott’s 3-30-3 Rule.

You have 3 seconds… to EARN 30 more seconds… to EARN 3 more minutes of their attention. No value. No attention.

Time is not the issue any longer. It’s attention!

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