affluent prospects don’t do this…

We stopped into a car dealership to look at a new SUV for Beth. The guy at the dealer said they have a new policy: no selling. Then he never stopped talking.

Here’s the thing about affluent prospects: they can’t be sold.

I don’t fish. If I did, I would go for fly fishing.

Fly fishing is a dance… a give and take… artistry.

It’s the same with affluent prospects.

You cannot use traditional sales and marketing tactics to gain them. You must draw prospects to you. Gain their trust. Rise above every other advisor.

Be remarkable. Be of value. Be of interest.

Stop the blah-blah-blah!

Here’s the good news: affluent prospects can’t be sold… but they will buy! For their reasons. Not Yours.

And, you don’t find affluent prospects. You show them how to find you.

Ask this question about the marketing you send or create or put in front of an affluent prospect: “Who cares?”

Why should they care? What value did you bring?

Your marketing will be magnetically attractive to prospects when it delivers value.

The easiest way to bring value is to educate prospects on their biggest issues.

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