are you teaching prospects to choose you on price?

What do you call a product or service that has unlimited quantity and unlimited availability?

I call it rock salt!

How is rock salt chosen? Cheapest.

Why? Unlimited products and services are a commodity!

When I called Dr. Mark Seraly to look at some skin issues I had, his next appointment was ten months away. And he had a waiting list for new clients.

How did I perceive his value? I can tell you there was no way I was missing my appointment.

What can he charge?

Imagine having a waiting-list business.

It’s time to stop being a commodity.

You should live your life with a mindset of abundance.

But you should position yourself with scarcity. Do it right and your value will skyrocket.

Remember. You are not in business to be in business. You are in business to create the kind of lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

If you reinvent your business around your ideal lifestyle and make more time for the people and things you love, your time will become more valuable.

First to you. Then to your prospects and clients.

Scarcity will increase your value.

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