bang on your prospect’s door

We just finished our 13th Double Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp last week and it was a phenomenal experience. Brian Tracy was brilliant as usual, sharing time-tested tips on doubling your income.

I get to share the 7X Advisor Model® – the 7 X-factors that lead to breakthrough success.

I shared the following story and questions:

Imagine, getting an almost frantic phone call from a doctor’s office, telling you that you must get a message to your neighbor about their son.2016-11-22-bang-on-the-door

Apparently, their son ate at a local restaurant, which served meat tainted with a fast acting poison. You throw the phone down and rush to the neighbor’s house and frantically bang on the door. No answer.

You peek in the narrow window and can see that the boy’s dad is engrossed in a football game. You bang again. Still no answer.

What would you do… stop?

Here’s how this applies to you: do you have the same strength of conviction about what you do?

Do you believe that it’s your duty to bang on the door, artfully and persistently, to convince every Right Fit Prospect that it’s in their best interest to hire you?

Do what it takes. Bang on the door! Nurture every prospect to action!

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