better than affluent marketing

What’s better than marketing and gaining a new affluent client?
You already know this; but I’ll remind you anyway.

It costs 5 times as much to gain a new client as it does to keep an old one!

$10,000 to Gain a New Client.

$2,000 to Keep an Existing Client.

Does that mean you should stop investing heavily in gaining new clients? Never. Never. Never.

However, it does mean you should be just as strategic in investing to keep clients.2016-09-20-better-way-1280x1280

Follow the 80/20 rule with your money, time and energy. Invest 80% of your money, time and energy on the 20% who produce 80% of your revenue.

Remember, you are running a business.

The affluent want, and are willing to pay more for, custom experiences. What about your client experience is remarkable, unique, differentiating, and worth commenting about?

It’s beyond serving your client. It’s about DELIGHT!

You must have a DELIGHT process with a clear owner. Who on your team should own DELIGHT?

Step 1 is to categorize your clients and identify the Top 20%.

Step 2 is to define your Unique Experience.

Gather your team and list all the words that describe the experience you want your Right Fit Clients to have. Reduce it to a few memorable words or a phrase. Ours is “Ritz with warmth!”

Step 3 is to create a calendar-based touch system that should include periodic “mini-wow’s”!

Research shows you must touch your very best clients 85 – 100 times per year!

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