do you have emergency room prospects?

Our 15th Double Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp is over and it was a huge success.

Advisors from across North America discovered The 7X Advisor Model® to transform their advisor practice into a client-generating, profit pumping, lifestyle-friendly business.

They learned the difference between trying to be an Expert… and, instead, positioning themselves as an Empathetic Authority™.

Advisors who try to position themselves as Experts have to have all the answers.

Advisors positioned as an Empathetic Authority have the right questions.

Questions that help prospects self-discover their biggest issues and concerns.

Questions BEFORE your solutions.

There is no reason to talk about what you do until a prospect is so clear that they need help, and that they need it now… that they are almost begging you to tell them what you do.

Most advisors make the mistake of being too quick to tell prospects what they do.

Prospects need to have three things before you tell them what you do.

It’s what I call an Emergency Room Prospect.

Emotion. In Motion. No Options.

When I took Beth to the Emergency Room for her 12th bout of diverticulitis, we didn’t ask the doctor for a brochure. Or a proposal. Or a try out.


Beth had: Emotion. In Motion. No Options.

Two kinds of Emotion: pleasure and pain.

Pain is the most motivating.

In Motion. Prospects need to be in search for a change.

No Options. A prospect need to see YOU as the only choice.

If a prospect has no pain… no issues to solve… no problems to fix… no obstacles to remove… then you have no value to bring.

If there is no value for you to bring, it doesn’t matter what you do!

Highlight and know this:

If a prospect believes that if they keep doing what they are doing, they will get to where they want to go… they don’t need you!

They don’t need anyone! And they don’t believe they need to change.

Move on.

You’re wasting your time… no need to share what you do!

A good question to use: “If you keep doing what you are currently doing, where will you end up? Will it get you to where you want to go, financially, personally, and relationally?”

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