does your marketing do this?

Most advisors don’t understand the difference between marketing and positioning…or how they work in concert with one another.

“Your marketing should repel!”

Does that statement make sense to you?

It didn’t when I first learned it. I thought marketing was designed to attract everyone. Anyone and everyone, into the barn.

Magnetic marketing is very different from the traditional marketing that the financial industry teaches.

It’s because every B/D, FMO, and insurance company are all interested in one thing…and one thing only. You selling more.2016-10-04-filter

They are not interested in you having a lifestyle-friendly, freedom business. They just want you to sell more. I know. I was a half million in debt listening to the industry.

It wasn’t until I learned marketing and positioning outside the financial industry that everything changed for me.

Think about this: a magnet does two things. It attracts. And it repels.

Layered on top of your magnetic marketing is your positioning. Your marketing and positioning should produce opposite and complimentary results for you.

A strategic Marketing And Positioning system, your MAP, should attract the Right Fit Prospects and skyrocket your credibility.

AND it should repel the wrong prospects.

It should act like a filter keeping them away from you. Think about it: if you are filtering Wrong Fit Prospects through one-on-one meetings, what does that do to your energy, effectiveness, and productivity?

It’s a ginormous waste of your money, time, and energy.

When you change a filter on your shop vac, what is it filled with? Yuk! That’s because it’s keeping the yuk from getting through. Do you want to be the Wrong Fit Prospect filter?

Instead, let your MAP, your Marketing And Positioning system attract Right Fit Prospects and filter out the yuk.

Right Fit Clients…who appreciate you, listen to you, like to spend time with you, and introduce you to others like themselves.

You ready for more?

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