elephant ears and killing your credibility…

Hope you had a great 4th. Our freedom is so valuable!

I’m back from vacation for the last two weeks and back at it! There are handful of bakeries on Long Beach Island and on vacation there are no watches… and no watching what you eat! 🙂

The bakery we frequent has really tasty blueberry muffins, but the reason I remember them is that they are known for their elephant ears. I don’t eat elephant ears, but I remember their elephant ears… and it keeps me coming back!

Traditional advisor marketing is killing your credibility… and your remember-ability.

Traditional advisor marketing is you talking about you… which is exactly why it has zero credibility with the affluent.

When the affluent see your four-color, slick marketing brochure, they send out the Marketing Militia. Their guard goes up.

Let’s talk about the power of positioning.

I use this illustration a lot: Who was the first person to fly transatlantic?

You probably answered Charles Lindbergh, and you’d be right.

If I asked you, “Who was the second person” what would you say? “Who cares?”

How about the third? You could care less.

However, if I asked who was third in a different way, you’d probably know the answer, “Who was the first woman to fly transatlantic?” Amelia Earhart.

How did you know that?

Lindbergh and Earhart don’t have four-color marketing brochures, websites, social media, business cards or any of the other things that your B/D, FMO or insurance company tell you that you need.

The reason you remember them is that they are first in a category. Lindbergh was the first person.  Earhart was the first woman.

That’s the power of positioning. It’s why you remember them.

It’s why I help our advisors target niches. To be first in a category.

Find your elephant ears.

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