Scott Keffer – Financial Services Keynote Speaker

Is your next event a Producer Conference, Chairman’s Club, Insurance and Annuity Brokerage Conference, Insurance Company Annual Meeting, National Association Meeting, a B/D Meeting, a National and Regional Sales Conferences or other meeting, conference or training?

Scott sharing a laugh with attendees after his main stage Keynote Presentation at the FORUM 400.

Scott sharing a laugh with attendees after his main stage Keynote Presentation at the FORUM 400.

These are just a sample of the kinds of events where Scott has consistently delivered top rated presentations!

What makes Scott unique and able to relate a custom message to your audience, so that they leave not just inspired, but more fully equipped to produce more?

  1. Scott built an affluent-only business from scratch, so YOUR audience will instantly relate to his stories and insights and they will leave your event with high value take-aways.
  2. Scott has coached and trained hundreds of advisors across North America and shown them how to experience revenue growth from 15% to 10 times! YOUR attendees will receive instantly actionable content that they can put to use right away to increase business.
  3. Scott is a top-rated speaker, who has spoken to rave review at most of the industry’s leading conferences. He will make YOUR job easier, make YOU look good and YOUR audience THANK YOU for choosing Scott.

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Scott has presented over 450 times and spoken at most of the industry’s top conferences and events and been asked back, including The Forum 400 (formerly the International FORUM), AALU, NFP, CRUMP, BMO Nesbitt Burns, FIG, Ed Slott’s, Insmark, National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, United Way of America, among others. He is also a Visiting Scholar at High Point University.


To see how you, your event and your attendees might profit by bringing Scott to your next event…

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5 Reasons You Will Love To Book and Rebook Scott

SK-speak-4Scott Keffer “get’s it” and “delivers” every time. Though he is an accomplished, seasoned speaker, he is a servant at heart. It is his honor to share his message with your organization, regardless of the size of your audience.

Scott works hard to understand both the organization’s goals as well as the key objectives of the meeting so he can deliver a message that is spot-on and well-prepared.

You are just as vital to the event’s success as Scott is. The more details and nuances you share with Scott and his team, the better. Together, you will help create a memorable experience and Big Impact for your organization.

1. Experienced Keynote & Workshop Speaker: Scott Makes Your Job Super Easy

You will love working with him. As a meeting or conference planner, your job just got easier with Scott through his Event Success Call and Process.

Your audience will be inspired as they learn from Scott’s powerful presentations. Having conducted over 450 presentations to tens of thousands for the last two decades in groups from twenty to over 1,200, he consistently receives high marks from meeting planners and attendees.

Your audience will thank you for bringing him in. He has presented in many different formats at major associations, conferences, meetings and workshops.

2. Elite Advisor Who Has Been There: Your Attendees Will Relate As Scott Speaks Their Language As One Of Them

As a veteran financial planner for over 30 years, Scott speaks the language of your advisors and understands the challenges they face today. He created a financial and estate planning business from scratch that served the high-net-worth marketplace and generated 7-figures in revenue, qualifying him for membership in The Forum 400, AALU, National Association of Family Wealth Counselors, Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs, Estate Planners & Councils, Association of Philanthropic Planners, National Committee on Planned Giving, Estate Planning Council, Pittsburgh Planned Giving Council, and others.

3. Real World Business Changing Content: Scott Will Connect And Transform Your Attendees

Scott’s struggling introvert-to-success personal battle instantly connects with every member of the audience who has struggled to overcome personal and business adversity.
He mixes passion and humor with motivational stories, along with proven tools that every attendee can use to attract, engage and delight more clients, whether they are veterans of fifty years, or in the first decade of their career.

4. Industry Transformer And Continuing Education Instructor: Scott is Black Top Not Black Board

Scott has been hailed as an “Industry Transformer” and yet will share with amazing honesty the proven principles that allowed him to transform his company from near-bankruptcy to an elite advisory business.

He is the Founder and Creator of Double Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp, The Affluent Engagement System®, The Donor Motivation Program®, The Seminar Money Machine™, The 7X Advisor Model®, The Arc of Distinction® among others.

SK-speak-55. Celebrity Author And Guest: Scott is a Sought-After Keynote, Radio and TV Guest

Scott is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and a frequent guest on radio and TV. He has researched and read thousands of books and courses on success and been coached and mentored by industry giants.

What You Can Expect From Scott and His Team

“When you hire me, YOU will receive the standing ovation, as your audience thanks you for bringing me in. Your people will receive customized, real world content that will inspire, engage and equip your audience to produce bigger results!”

Your Audience Will Be:
  • Equipped To Produce At Higher Levels
  • Taught The Exact Techniques Used By Elite Producers
  • Prepared To Overcome Prospect Rejection
  • Inspired To Set Challenging Goals
  • Encouraged To Stay The Course
  • Engaged With Intimate Stories and Examples
  • Empowered To Achieve More!

SK-speak-3You Will Receive…

Here’s what you will receive from us each and every time:

  1. A personal Event Success Call with Scott and a team member before the event, so that we can understand how to better serve you and your audience and help make your event a greater success.
  2. Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  3. An announcement about your event through our social media channels. (This assumes that your event is open to the public and you want additional visibility for it.)
  4. A custom-tailored, energetic, professional presentation focused on your desires and your audience’s needs determined through our call and a survey before the event of your attendees’ biggest challenges and needs.
  5. An Event Transformer Call with Scott after the event to capture what really worked and how we might improve our next presentation with you!

You May Want To Know Some Of Scott’s Most Requested Topics

Your audience, whether it is financial advisors, estate planners or other business owners, will receive and entertaining and engaging presentation on their day-to-day challenges.

You will see the results as I share real-world, instantly useable tools and concepts that allow them to break through to the next level of income and production.

Imagine your attendees thanking you for the presentation and begging to bring me back again.

After we talk about your event during the Event Success Call, I will customize my presentation to meet your organization’s desired outcomes.

We have a process to survey the attendees before they arrive to understand their biggest challenges and issues. That way, your people will receive truly customized material.

You may want your audience to discover some the following:

  • Double Your Affluent Clients® Attraction Prospecting: The 3 Keys To Rise Above Your Competition And Attract Multiple Streams Of Pre-Qualified Prospects You Love
  • Double Your Affluent Clients® Selling Without Selling: The 7 Secrets Elite Advisors Use To Covert Every Great Prospect Into A Client Predictably
  • Double Your Affluent Clients® Service: How To Cement Clients For Life So That They Buy More, Stay Longer and Tell Others
  • Double Your Affluent Clients® Productivity: The Tools And Processes To Multiply Your Team’s Energy and Results (And Your Own) And Have More Fun
  • Double Your Affluent Clients® Leadership: How To Be A Leader To Your Team, Your Family, Your Community And Your Industry


Your Next Step

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