forget getting your name out there

Last week, I spoke at Simon Singer’s and Rao Garuda’s Tax Institute.

I asked the attendees to write down the amount they wanted to get paid by their business.

Here’s how to earn everything you’ve always wanted and more.

CTD. Command The Demand.2016.08.16 sandwich sign

Imagine being able to turn the demand for you and your service on and off at will.

That’s not pie in the sky. It’s very achievable.

We’ve talked about two of the three things you must be crystal clear about in order to succeed with affluent prospects: who they are and what they think about you.

We also looked at the obstacles that stand in the way of you attracting the affluent. The obstacles to standing out. The obstacles to rising above every other advisor in your area.

The next thing you must consider is the “how.” How you will attract Right Fit Clients to you.

There is crap being taught in this industry. You’ve probably heard, “You need to get your name out there!”

What does that mean, “Get your name out there?” Out where? You will waste tons of money getting “your name out there.”

Instead, focus on getting their name (Right Fit Prospects) in here (you).

VAC = Value Added Content. It is magnetic. Because it’s about your prospects and their needs.

Multiply the power of your VAC through The Credibility Staircase™.

Then, consistently and relentlessly offer it to your prospects.

Power Nurture!

“One offs” and “now and thens” are expensive and time-consuming. They are energy draining. Not productive. Not effective.

It’s similar in advertising. Buy one billboard and you’ll waste your money. Create a billboard campaign and you can systematically gain mind share!

A positioning system will systematically position you while you’re at work… and while you’re on vacation… and while you’re sleeping.

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