gasoline on your sales

Last week, I shared ninja selling strategies from my training’s and coaches with a roomful of advisors from across the US and Canada. These selling strategies allowed me (an introvert with no clients) to build a high net worth practice from scratch without credentials, referrals or promised introductions from centers of influence (COI).

How? Studying and learning from coaches outside the industry.

I discovered 12 Power Principles that act like gasoline on your sales. Your closing rate explodes.

#8 is Keep On Stacking.

Whoever stacks the most wins! It’s like the straw that broke the camel’s back. Keep stacking until your prospect buys. It’s super cool because it’s just one of twelve strategies that move a prospect to sell themselves.

Here are the Top 5 to stack in order for you to sell more:

  1. Your Credibility
  2. Bonding With Prospects
  3. Social Proof (That Compliance Allows You To Use)
  4. Your Value Proposition
  5. Urgency To Act

Look through your selling process and see where you can add stacking in each one of these areas. It’s a worthwhile exercise.

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