Google (and YouTube) are killing your sales…

When you want to know “how” to do something, what do you do?

If you’ve been to our Boot Camp, you’ve seen our daughter, Anni, speak from stage. In addition to being a Keynote Speaker on Leadership, she also owns a vintage furniture rental company.

When she received an order for farm tables, she did what everyone does when they want to know “how” to do something: she searched Google and YouTube to find a video.

How much did she pay for the “how to” advice?

Today, “how to” advice is free.

If you are positioning yourself as “how to” – whether it’s financial planning, retire, invest, etc. – you are competing in the FREE-BIE zone.

The way to get out of the free zone is to show prospects how to THINK about their money, wealth, investments, financial future.

That’s way frameworks are so powerful.

In The Seminar Money Machine, our public seminar system for millionaire prospects, we show attendees how to THINK about their wealth with a 4-Phase Framework.

We share the same 4-Phase Framework in our joint prospecting book with advisors, Retire Abundantly.

You will be paid more to teach affluent prospects how to THINK, then you will be sharing “how to” advice.

Check out your prospecting tools and system and see whether it’s filled with “how to” advice. If it is, you are positioning yourself in the FREE-BIE zone.

Help affluent prospects THINK differently – and you will be perceived differently.

And paid differently!

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