have you burned your hand?

You ever learn a painful lesson in life or business?

Growing up, the best way to learn was to burn my hand when I touched the stove. The pain and the scar was a great way to learn.

In business, pain and scars are expensive, and a long, hard way to learn. A wrong way to learn.

Here’s a better way: invest in other people’s mistakes.

Experience is the best teacher? No, it isn’t. It’s very costly in business. Other’s experience is better.

Coaches allow you to invest your way to success. Think about it! Every winner has a coach. Phil Mickelson. Michael Jordan. Harvey Mackay. Steve Jobs. John D. Rockefeller.

Why learn the hard way… because somebody said you should

Why take 15 years to learn what somebody already spent 15 years learning… and will make available to you for a small investment compared to the amount of time and lost earnings that it would take for you to learn it.

Invest in speed.

Bingo… faster up the learning curve.

Or as I say, “Faster up the Earning Curve!”

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