here’s how to distinguish you

I failed out of this business in the early eighties. Well, not really failed. My results were mediocre and I hated being seen as a salesman.

After ten years in wholesale, helping advisors grow their businesses, I launched a planning business to the high net worth.  

How do you distinguish yourself from every other Tom-Dick-and-Mary advisor?

Good question.

Dan Sullivan, a longtime coach, mentor, and friend since 1994, and his wife, Babs Smith, have taught me many business-altering lessons, through their fabulous program, Strategic Coach®. One of the most influential lessons was the concept of Unique Process®, which was the catalyst for creating unique offerings for my Right Fit Clients.

The Legacy Planning® Process was my unique process for affluent clients. The Donor Motivation Program® was my unique process for charities and their donors. 2016-10-11-unique-process

The affluent want unique, customized offerings.

Why not give it to them?

And as a result, deeply differentiate yourself from every other advisor on the planet through your own unique process!

Sit down and list the steps in your current planning or investment approach. No more than four.

It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering.

Then, make it visual.

Share it with your best clients and get their feedback.

Then, tweak it. Share it. Tweak it.

Creating your unique process will strengthen your conviction, as well as your prospects, that you can distinctively help them.

And it will differentiate you from every other Tom-Dick-and-Mary advisor on the planet who are doing things just like every other advisor.     

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