if you do this, it’s too late… sprinkle, sprinkle…

I love our auto-sprinkler system. Before we built our current home 15 years ago, I would water the grass with a sprinkler that I would move around the yard. I watered when the grass started to look bad.

That’s how many advisors market. Only when their prospect funnel looks bad, or finally is empty; which is always tooooooo late.

Now, our grass is watered automatically every 2 days. I set it and forget it.

Your marketing needs to be the same.


We’ve talked about two of the three things you must be crystal clear about if you want to have success marketing to the affluent:

  • Who they are;
  • What they think about you.

I outlined the obstacles that stand in the way of you attracting more affluent. The obstacles to standing out… to rising above every other advisor in your area.

The next thing you must consider is the “how.”

How you’ll meet more affluent prospects and how they’ll hear about you in such a way that they will want to meet you.

A few things about the “how.”

It must utilize the power of positioning through The Credibility Staircase™.

It must be systematized to consistently and relentlessly build your positioning in the mind of the affluent.

“One off” marketing and “now and then” marketing is very expensive and time-consuming.

It’s energy draining. Not productive. Not effective.

It’s the same thing in advertising. Buy one billboard and you’ll waste your money. Create a billboard campaign and you can systematically gain mind share!

Your MAP, your marketing and positioning system, should systematically position you while you’re at work… and while you’re on vacation… and while you’re sleeping!

Just like a sprinkler system!

Sprinkle, sprinkle.

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