if you don’t ___ prospects won’t buy

Anni and I spent three days with one of my marketing coaches learning and growing. Never stop learning and growing.

I’ll be sharing some of what I learned at our upcoming Double Your Affluent Clients Boot Camp in May.

When I got home, Beth and I took our chocolate Lab, Max, for a walk. As we were walking I noticed messages written in chalk on the sidewalk with arrows.

Keep going. → Just ahead. → Almost there. → Lemonade

Beth told me how some girls in the neighborhood had set up a lemonade stand on Saturday. She passed by on the other side of the street with the dog, and was thinking to herself, “I have Max with me, but if they ask, I’ll buy some lemonade.”

They didn’t ask.

At the next house beyond the lemonade stand, a 4 year-old little boy was playing in the yard. As soon as he saw Beth, he yelled to the girls.  

“Guys. Guys! You missed a customer.”

How insightful.

If you don’t ask, prospects won’t buy.

Today, you have to ask 18 – 24 times.

Is there a warm prospect who has stalled, who just needs to be asked again? And maybe again.

Send a letter. Ask. Make a call. Ask again.

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