is this poisoning your sales?

Imagine, getting a phone call from the poison control center, telling you that you must get a message to your neighbor about their son.

Apparently, their son ate at a local restaurant, which served meat tainted with a fast-acting poison. You throw the phone down and rush to the neighbor’s house and frantically bang on the door.

No answer.

You go around back and peek in the narrow window into the basement. You can see that the boy’s dad is engrossed in a football game. You bang on the window.

He still doesn’t hear you.

What would you do… how many times would you bang?

Do you have the same strength of conviction about prospects?

Do you have the conviction that it’s your duty to masterfully and persistently convince every Right Fit Prospect that it’s in their best interest to become your client?

Advisors fall short and poison their sales for two simple reasons:

  • Lack of belief and strength of conviction (mental)
  • Lack of investment in skill mastery (skill level).

What is it for you?

Selling prospects and clients is one of your top money-making skills.

Every year, I invest tens of thousands of dollars in honing my sales skills.

How much are you investing in honing your sales skills?

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