is this stealing your personal freedom?

As you read this, Beth, Anni and I will be catching rays for the next two weeks on the beach in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. Nice waves. Not giant but great for body surfing, unless they are breaking too close to shore in which case you will eat sand from time to time.

Last week, I spent two days with one of my marketing mentors, Dan Kennedy. I have coached with Dan one on one, in a group and in my car with his home study courses, which I first began buying in 1999.

He reminded me of a principle I have built my business on. He said, “Remain independent of any client or situation that deprives you of your personal freedom.”

Whoa. That’s good.

Which is exactly why I started Double Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp, wrote the book and starting Mastery Coaching. To help advisors convert their practice into a lifestyle-friendly, freedom business to have more MTE – Money. Time. Energy – so that they could have a BIG Impact on their family, friends, clients and causes they care about deeply.

That’s our MISSION.


Who or what is depriving you of your personal freedom?

Bad client?

B/D? FMO? Insurance company?

Wrong fit team member?

Lack of consistent marketing?

It’s time to cut the cord…

Step One: Tell the truth. Write down the freedom-suck.

Step Two: Write down how to solve it if you had a gun to your head.

Step Three: Take the action!

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