is your advisor marketing camo?

Using old-world, same old, me-too, traditional advisor marketing techniques makes you look exactly like every other advisor trying to get a prospect’s attention.

Why? Because there is no difference between how you market and how every other advisor markets.

When there’s no difference, guess what, you are indistinguishable! When you are indistinguishable, you are viewed as a commodity.2016.03.21 camo

When you are viewed as a commodity, the only way for prospects to separate you from every other advisor is by price.

Scott McCain is his fabulous book, Create Distinction, writes, “If you cannot find it within yourself to become emotional, committed, engaged, and, yes, fervent about differentiation, then you had better be prepared to take your place among the vast throng who are judged solely on the basis of price.”

How about you? You fervent about differentiation?

And your distinction is NOT about your financial or investment products. Or your product company. Or your B/D. No matter what they tell you.

Trying to use products to distinguish yourself is a losing game. Every advisor has the same bag of solutions.

Have someone on your team create a pile of your marketing and go through it as if you were a prospect. Is there anything distinctive… or does it look just like every other advisors’ marketing?

Camouflage is used when you want to blend in. When your marketing matches every other advisors, it becomes camo-marketing.

Your marketing and positioning needs to cause you to stand out… not blend in.

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