is your marketing disrespecting you?

Don’t do what I did. Don’t disrespect yourself.

How? Initially by working with anyone who wanted to work with me.

You must see yourself as more valuable than that.

You are invaluable to the Right Fit Client. Not to everyone. And you shouldn’t work with everyone.2016-10-25-disrespect

It’s why insurance companies, B/D’s, producer groups and FMO’s make me spitting mad. All they really want is for you to sell more.

They are not interested in you having a lifestyle-friendly, freedom business.

I know. Your group is different. Really? Stop sending business and see what happens.

Stop taking anyone and everyone as a client.

When prospects are interviewing you, you must interview them. You must disqualify the unqualified!


Raise the price of admission.

You’re worth more than you think.

Start discerning.

Start qualifying every prospect!     

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