it’s human nature

It’s amazing what happens when I can’t have something.

Tell me I can’t have something and I want it even more!

How about you? Same thing?

It’s human nature…

If that’s true, why are you pressing so hard with prospects?

When someone presses you, what do you do? Resist?

Me too.2016-11-06-human-nature

Same for prospects.

When someone pushes you, what do you do? Push back?

Me too.

Prospects too!

It’s human nature.

When you are interacting with prospects, are you pressing and pushing?

If you press or push, prospects will resist and pull away.

If you lean away, your prospects will move toward you.

During your meeting with prospects you need to establish a rhythm, like fly fishing, of pressing in and leaning away. It works like magic.

It’s human nature…


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