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Beth and I just returned from a technology conference in New York City. One of the first things you get asked at a conference or meeting is often, “Tell me about what you do?”
So many advisors make this credibility-killing mistake. They answer this question… way too early. They are too quick to tell prospects what they do.
Don’t be Quick Draw McGraw (am I dating myself?).
Here’s what to say when a prospect asks you that too early. And why not to answer that question too
You can write this down and pin it to your chest: If your prospect believes that what they are doing currently will get them to where they want to go, you are wasting your money, time and energy telling them about what you do.
In other words, there is no reason to talk about what you do until a prospect is clear that they have a problem. Clear that what they are doing is not going to get them where they want. Clear that they are in a pickle.
Otherwise, it’s just fishing for information.
If there are no issues to solve, no problems to fix, then you have no value to bring.
If there is no value for you to bring, it doesn’t matter what you do! Therefore, you are wasting your time (and killing your authority) by answering way too soon.
“So, what do you say,” you may be asking.
Here’s what to say: “Love to tell you about our process and the results people are experiencing; however, I’m not sure it’s a fit yet. Let me ask you a question…”
Then dig for pain nuggets. Seen and unseen. Known and unknown. You must help prospects self-discover that they are in deep doo-doo (a clinical term).
Try it. It works.

If they are unwilling to admit that they have a problem. Move on. Save your money, time and energy!

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