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I Believe…

“I believe that you have been put on the earth to live a life of BIG Impact. Your business should not hinder your life impact. It should provide you a platform to have a bigger impact, giving income, independence and influence. We show financial advisors and other business owners how to solve their biggest problems finally enjoy a business they love with clients they love and take home more income, take off more time and have a bigger impact on your family, friends, clients and causes you care about deeply!”

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Selected Books From Scott


Selected Books From Scott

The 7 X Factors EVERY Financial Advisor Needs To Know To Enjoy A Profit-Pumping, Lifestyle-Friendly Business

You will the 7 X factors that will transform every advisor practice into a profit machine. This isn’t pie-in-the-sky, blackboard theory. Every nugget is based on 30 years of research, interviews with elite advisors and Scott’s personal experience of building a million dollar lifestyle-friendly business. It is jam-packed and overflowing with frameworks, tools and instantly useable templates.


The 4 Pillars Of An Abundant Retirement… And How To Avoid The Biggest Tax Traps, Income Dangers and Retirement Pitfalls That Derail Retirement!

Over 44 million Americans over age 65 are facing stiff challenges to retire and stay retired. This book educates and equips you against the little-known mistakes and costly missteps that can derail the retirement plan. Today, the Census Bureau shows that 1 out of every 8 Americans is over age 65, numbering 44 million strong and increasing. Today’s retirees face significant challenges and obstacles to enjoying the reward for a lifetime of labor and sacrifice.

double your affluent clients

Book Double Your Affluent Clients 47 FAST Tips

You will enjoy more affluent clients with this #1 Amazon Best Seller. Picture what you’re advisor business will be like with more love-to-work-with-you affluent clients. More money, more time off… and more joy. This book puts 47 distilled-down-to-their-essence instantly useable TIPs (Tools, Insights and Principles) into your hands immediately. You will read this over and over again.


Money Making Seminars

You aren’t being paid what you are truly worth… you have to work with too many clients that you can barely stand… you are lumped in the same bucket with every Tom-Dick and Mary advisor… even though you do great work, referrals are few and far between… each year new ideal high net worth clients barely trickle into your practice! Inside, you will learn the story of a financial advisor who was nearly at the end of his rope and needed new ideal clients fast… and the secrets he discovered to create a seminar system so elegant that it allowed him to gain millionaire clients almost at will and multiply his income.


Giving Transforms YOU!

One simple action holds the power to transform you personally – your attitude, your perspective… and even your financial life. It also holds the power to transform your family, your friends, your business, your colleagues, your community… and more. Join me on an entertaining, empowering and encouraging journey through 52 principles of giving and enlightening quotes from some amazing people throughout history.

Love, Money, Control: Reinventing Estate Planning, Practical Answers From America’s Foremost Estate Planning Authorities

Peak Performers: Secrets of Peak Performers: Wealth Creating Strategies from the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Giving: Philanthropy For Everyone; Practical Answers From America’s Foremost Charitable Planning Authorities