meet your NEW credibility partner…

Last week, the team and I recovered from the two events in Chicago the week before. It was accelerating… and exhausting!

I created a brand-new training for our Mastery Coaching members and their team, The Top 10 Marketing Magnifiers™. I may make it available as a Home Study. Let me know if you are interested.

Then, we trained advisors and their teams on the latest Affluent Engagement System®, where I shared the newly updated system to close every qualified prospect.

Wow. I love to create super, powerful systems that work… and train advisors and their teams!

In 3 weeks, we host advisors from across the United States and Canada for the Donor Motivation Program® training.

In just 5 weeks, we get to do it again with our Seminar Money Machine training,

I hope YOU are doing what you love.

A mentor once asked, “Who has already spent time and money to earn credibility with your ideal client?”

What a great question.

How long would it have taken me, if ever, to figure that out on my own? How much time did that save me?

That one idea, and there were many, made that coach worth multiples of what I invested in him!

Find someone who’s already spent time and money to earn credibility with your Right Fit Client. I call them “Credibility Partners.” Super powerful positioning.

My Credibility Partners have been charities, banks, radio stations, associations, and magazines.

Credibility Partners is NOT about marketing and selling you. Don’t think like that.

To succeed, you must serve the Credibility Partner. Put their interests first, or you will crash and burn… big time.

With charities, it is The Donor Motivation Program®. Getting paid to educate their donors. Win – Win.

That’s what serving Credibility Partners is all about: bringing value.

Who are your possible Credibility Partners?

Go ask them what their biggest problem is.

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