more millionaire clients?

You want more millionaire clients?

Of course. Here’s why: not because they have more money. Because they are your path to freedom.

If you wanted to double your revenue, how would you do it?

I’m kinda simple. Here’s my easy equation for revenue:

Revenue = Number of Clients x Average Revenue per Client

In order to double your revenue, you can double either factor. Number of clients is what most advisors think of.

However, if you double the number of clients, what do you get? Insanity!

How about revenue per client? If you double your average revenue per client, what do you get? Double the revenue – same number of clients.

Much better, huh? You don’t need more clients. You need better clients.

ELP Clients. Easy to work with. Listen to what you say. Pay you the most.

With more ELP Clients, you will enjoy more freedom… more joy… more respect.

All the reasons you went into business in the first place.

Do you see why millionaire clients are so critical… so strategic?

If so, it’s time you can start by making a strategic decision to just add million-dollar clients.

It starts with you. A strategic decision. Then a strategic marketing plan.

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