my #1 biz strategy (instead of killing myself)

Instead of killing myself, I employed my #1 business exploding strategy.

I got the opportunity to spend 8 days with our  son, Joshua, skiing in Austria. I haven’t skied in almost a decade and I wanted to get the MOST out of our experience, so I did what I do in business when I want to get the MOST out of something: I hired a coach.

It made the experience phenomenal. Not only did Josh and I end up skiing much better by the end of our time; we also were able to experience trails on the 5th largest mountain in Europe that we never would have experienced.

PLUS… having recently torn my knee and calf, I didn’t kill myself skiing. ScottandJosh

From a marketing standpoint, I remember the ski brand I rented, Atomic. I don’t remember the name of the rock salt they used to melt the ice.

The reason? Rock salt is a commodity.

In an information-saturated world, to keep their sanity, it’s easier for prospects to strip you of your distinctiveness and quickly categorize you in their brain. It makes decision-making easier.

It helps prospects keep their sanity.

That way, they can quickly say, “Financial advisor? Already have one. Aren’t they all pretty much alike?”

When things look alike, they become commodities. When you’re a commodity, you’ve been marginalized. You’ve been reduced to the lowest common denominator. You’ve been stripped of all your distinctiveness.

Here’s how prospects choose between commodities: price.

What’s the biggest reason? When your marketing looks just like every other advisor’s marketing stuff it sends the message that YOU are just like every other advisor.

Plus, traditional advisor marketing breaks the fundamental rule when it comes to marketing that attracts: it’s you talking about you.

Check you marketing material. If it’s all about you, you are unknowingly commoditizing yourself.

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