my million dollar advantage

Everyone wants an advantage, right?

You want a million dollar advantage.

Anni and I headed off, like we have done for many years, to a marketing conference that’s part of a new $25,000 coaching program I joined recently.

To our surprise (but not really), my friend and one of my other coaches, James Malinchak, was there with his assistant, Cindy. Although we were surprised to see him there, we weren’t surprised he was there.

We hung out for the three days and he joined the $25K coaching group with me.

James applies the million dollar advantage too…

What is the million dollar advantage?

I have invested heavily (often exceeding 6 figures) in coaching and training for the last 22 years.

If you know my story, in 2004, the business was in debt to the tune of almost a half a million dollars – $463,459.15 to be exact. Colleagues and friends told us to cut way back. Cut out marketing and coaching. I told them that’s the sure fire path to business death.

I kept investing in coaching and training – the million dollar advantage.

Legendary business guru, Brian Tracy, author of over 70 books and consultant to over 1000 corporations, suggests that investing in coaching and training returns 30 times your investment.

The million dollar advantage.

Where’s your money invested? Is it returning 30 times?


Take advantage of the million dollar advantage.

What’s your budget for coaching and training this year?

Double it!

The million dollar advantage.

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