my right knee is killing me…

My right knee has been killing me for the last two years. I injured it working out. On the inside part of the knee.

I tried ignoring it – hoping it would get better. Didn’t work.

Funny how that is: if you keep doing what you’ve always been doing and you expect different results, what’s that called? Einstein was pretty smart.

Anni made a connection to her sports chiropractor and he’s “working” it with some different techniques.

Charlie called me out of the blue. For a 25-year-old, any attention was flattering.

“How would you like to be in your own business? Financial services,” he asked.

My own business, I thought, who wouldn’t.

Financial freedom! The joy of doing good work. Respected in my community.

What drew you into this business? Same things?

Having coached advisors for many years now, these are the three that surface most often.

Yet, their experience is much different.

Most feel handcuffed instead of free.

Most experience frustration instead of joy.

Most feel marginalized rather than respected.

They’re bearing the weight and stress of being stuck… held captive to mediocrity, without knowing why.

It’s like trying to drive with the emergency brake on.

It’s the hidden obstacles that are most frustrating. You don’t even know they are there.

What are your biggest obstacles?

Email them to me.

The 1% Advisor has gotten unstuck… broken free… launched to a new level of success through the application of proven principles that you can duplicate.

The 5M’s. Mindset. Marketing. Methods. Mentors. Multipliers.

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