prospects aren’t listening, unless you…

Actually, it’s much worse than that. Prospects are not even paying attention.

They’re deaf. They’re numb.

They’re overloaded just like you!

And yet, advisors continue to pummel the affluent with slick, four-color, glossy brochures and marketing pieces.

You need to understand… prospects have heard it all before.

The reason they don’t respond: there’s nothing of value in it for them.

Nothing of value. Nothing of interest. nobody's listening

Nothing, nothing, nothing! Nothing… with nice stock pictures and pretty colors… and blah-blah-blah language just like every other advisor… all about you.

People are starving for value… hungry for something different… give them that something today.

Daniel Pink, best-selling author, is his latest book, To Sell Is Human, states, “I will show you that what matters more today is problem-finding. One of the most effective ways of moving others is to uncover challenges they may not know they have.”

The #1 way to add value and get your prospects’ attention is to help them understand their biggest challenges.

Write down what you think are your Right Fit Prospects’ 5 greatest challenges. Then review your Credibility Staircase material and see if you have anything that addresses those challenges.

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