show the affluent how to buy you

The biggest lie that the affluent have been told is that they should know how to preserve, protect, and pass on their wealth.

You and I know that they can’t.

In fact, they don’t even know how to think about their wealth.

Those who believe they can DIY aren’t great prospects. They are do-it-yourselfers. Not for you.

Right Fit Prospects need your help.

First, you must show them how to THINK about their wealth.

You can bring immense value to prospects by showing them how to THINK about advisors. How to discriminate among advisors. How to understand the difference. And, how to select the right kind of advisor…YOU!2016-09-27-show-them-how

Here’s the way to think about it: What mistakes do the affluent usually make when selecting an advisor? What things make you unique and why are they important?

If you don’t teach Right Fit Prospects how to differentiate among advisors, they will default to the only thing they know: price.

I took the things that make me unique and put them into an article for prospect entitled, Are We A Good Fit?

Want a copy? Email Shelby at and ask for the Good Fit article. Also, wish her a great day!

You can add value to Right Fit Prospects by showing them how to hire the Right Fit Advisor: all the things that make YOU unique!     

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