so, why DO millionaires buy – not what you may think

I love to buy. You?

Among many advisors, there is confusion about why people buy.

Particularly millionaires.

Many advisors think that the affluent buy what they need. They don’t!

Or advisors think that prospects should buy what the advisor thinks they need. Or what the industry has taught us about what prospects need.

Don’t make that mistake.

Millionaire prospects don’t buy what they need.

Millionaire prospects don’t buy what you think they need.

Millionaire prospects buy what they want. 

Millionaire prospects buy when they want.

Millionaire prospects buy how they want.

Take your “advisor” hat off and put on the “millionaire prospect” hat.

Emotions first. Logic second.

Worry, fear, guilt, pride, love, respect.

Remove the negative – worry fear, guilt. Multiply the positive – pride, love, respect.

Millionaires buy because they want… not because they need.

Show them how to “want” to buy… from you!

How do you remove negative emotions for your clients and multiply positive emotions? Sell that!

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