stop the marketing drivel

Last week, we trained advisors from across North America on how to get paid by charities. Since 1995, over 40 leading charities have paid me to educate their donors. Why would a charity pay me?

Not because I sold them.

It’s the same with affluent prospects. The affluent cannot be sold.

If fact, you don’t find affluent prospects; you must show them how to find you.

The affluent cannot be stalked. Or hounded. Or pounded into submission.2016.08.30 blah blah blah

I don’t fish much. However, I do know that fly fishing is a dance. A give and take.

It’s the same with the affluent.

You cannot use traditional sales and marketing tactics to gain affluent prospects. You must magnetically attract them.

Be of value. Be of interest. Be remarkable. And you will rise above every other advisor.

Stop the blah-blah-blah, all-about-you, nothing-of-value traditional advisor marketing drivel.

Here is a simple way to make sure your marketing is not drivel.

Ask this question about everything you send out… or create… or put in front of an affluent prospect: “Who cares? Why should a prospect care? What value did you bring? What problem did you solve?”

You must have a steady attraction strategy in place making you more and more interesting… and more and more valuable… and more and more attractive to your Right Fit Client.

Step one: STOP the drivel!

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