the $10 million-dollar biz secret…

Last week, I got to spend some really good learning time with marketing and biz guru, Russell Brunson (that’s Russel on the left). He runs a multi-8-figure business.

He shared the secret to growing a million-dollar business to $10 million and more.

Interested? I was.

Russell said the key to an 8 or 9 figure business was mastering the twin skills of attracting and selling COLD prospects.

Make sense?

If you can’t create cold prospects at will… and sell them… you will never break the million-dollar barrier, let alone the $10 million barrier.

We learned that years ago.

That’s why we created The Seminar Money Machine™ and The Donor Motivation Program®. Both are affluent attraction systems.

And it’s why we created The Affluent Engagement System® and The Advanced Sales Training™. Both are affluent closing systems.

Until you can COMMAND THE DEMAND, you will never have a predictable business.

Here’s the reason most WAIT for clients to come via referrals. It’s easier.

Attracting and closing cold prospects is hard… at first… until you have a proven system.

Then it’s like… taking candy from a baby.

Which is your biggest need?

Attracting more cold prospects or closing more cold prospects?

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