the laws of positioning

Over 20 years ago, marketing guru, Dan Kennedy, asked one person to teach internet marketing at his marketing events. Ken McCarthy had positioned himself as THE internet marketing guy. In Dan’s mind, there was no other alternative.

That’s the power of positioning. No other choice.

Ken went on to create the first internet marketing seminar and has trained and coached some of the best and brightest marketers on the planet.

Five years ago, he retired from coaching. Today, he runs multiple internet companies and he spends his time studying subjects that interest him.

Last Friday, I had the privilege of spending the day with Ken for an amazing day of coaching. Ken is a gentle genius … who understands the power of positioning. Then, Beth, Anni and I spent the weekend with Josh and Andrea in the city celebrating his birthday!

What a great long weekend! Hope yours was good as well.2016.08.09 lindberg

Positioning trumps marketing… every time.

Marketing is you talking about you… which is exactly why it has zero credibility with the affluent.

When the affluent see your four color, slick marketing brochure, they send out the Marketing Militia. They know its marketing! And their guard goes up.

Maybe this will help you see the power of positioning over marketing: “Who was the first person to fly transatlantic?”

You probably answered, “Charles Lindbergh,” and you’d be right.

If I asked you, “Who was the second person,” what would you say? “Who cares!” How about the third? Same thing.

However, if I asked who was third in a different way, you’d probably know the answer, “Who was the first woman to fly transatlantic?”

Amelia Earhart.

How did you know that?

Lindbergh and Earhart don’t have marketing departments or four color brochures.

How do you know their names? The laws of positioning. It’s why you remember them. There are 21 laws of positioning and you can use them to your profit.

One of the easiest ways to use these laws is by naming your unique process, because it’s yours and it’s unique.

That puts you #1 in your category… and it’s just ONE of the ways to be positioned… and remembered.


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