the real truth about selling more

Well, it’s been four weeks since my calf muscle was torn. The orthopedic surgeon said to “rest it” for six weeks. “C’mon, no way” I said. You know what his answer was.

Sometimes, we don’t want to hear the truth.

“So, why should a prospect do business with you anyway?” one of my coaches asked many, many years ago.

I didn’t have an answer.

Because I need business, is what I was thinking. Haha.

True… but not really a good answer.

The truth is, prospects don’t want you or your planning.

Prospects only want the results.

They don’t buy what they need. They buy what they want.

Remember: they can’t be sold.

They will buy when you show them why.

I’m just finishing the content for next week’s training here in Pittsburgh: Advanced Selling for Advisors.

I will be sharing ninja sales skills with attendees so that prospects nearly beg to work with you. Not every time, of course. But this stuff really works.

There are 12 Power Principles that almost invisibly multiply your results. And, I’m divulging my updated 7-step Advanced Sales Process™, which I discovered by going through almost every sales training and course and boiling it down, testing, tweaking and honing to 7 easy steps.

You need to have a sales process.

Can’t wait. Hope you are coming.

Remember: Prospects will buy when you show them why.

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