the reason I (almost) never had one date in high school…

Other than the fact that I was a nerdy geek and looked like a dork…

OK. Okkkkkkkkkk… stop laughing. Yes, that’s me in high school.

The reason I (almost) didn’t have a date in high school was I didn’t know how to ask. Had I not been asked by a girl, I never would have had a date.

When it comes to closing affluent clients, many advisors don’t know HOW to ask correctly.

The industry teaches us to close every prospect the same, using an array of closes, like:

1-2-3 Close, Adjournment Close, Affordable Close, Alternative Close, Assumptive Close, Balance-sheet Close, Best-time Close, Bonus Close, Bracket Close, Calculator Close, Calendar Close, Companion Close, Compliment Close, Concession Close, Conditional Close, Cost of Ownership Close, Courtship Close, Customer-care Close, Daily Cost Close, Demonstration Close, Distraction Close, Doubt Close…

AND I’m only through the D’s.

Here’s what you need to know about affluent clients: you’ve been lied to.

The industry teaches 3 Lies about the affluent.

Lie #1: The affluent can be sold.

The truth is that affluent prospects can’t be sold; BUT they love to buy.

Affluent prospects will buy, want to buy… BUT they’ll buy on their terms: when they want, how they want, for the reasons they want… not ours.

If you don’t understand this (and it’s not your fault, because the industry has been training this way for years), you’ll strike out with the affluent over and over again and not know why. You will continue to be frustrated and believe that it’s you.

It’s not you!

It’s hard to succeed with the affluent – but not impossible – once you learn what works!

If you understand this, you will enjoy greater and greater success with the affluent – seamlessly converting more and more prospects into clients.

It starts by understanding that the affluent can’t be sold.

Stop trying to close them. Stop trying to close harder.

Help them buy.

Help them buy YOU!

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