this is killing your credibility…

When was the last time a prospect asked you to send them your brochure?

Is your answer, “Never!”? No surprise.

This week, at our 14th Double Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp, I will share with about 100 advisors from across the US and Canada how to create marketing that your prospects actually want.

Here’s the thing: traditional advisor marketing is killing your credibility.killing your credibility

Y’know why?

It’s YOU talking about YOU. That is exactly why it has zero credibility with affluent prospects.

Check it out.

Check out the stuff being offered by your FMO, BD, insurance company.

Check out the stuff being offered by advisor marketing companies.

When prospects see your four color, slick financial advisor or firm brochure, they know it’s marketing… and their guard goes up.

They send out the Marketing Militia to protect themselves.

VAC. Value Added Content.

Keith Thomson, one of my long time coaching members, got a $1.5 Million account this last week with Value Added Content… downloaded from his website.

It works because it’s about the prospect and their issues.

Read through your marketing pieces. How much of your marketing is YOU talking about YOU. Get rid of it.

Create or invest in Value Added Content.

Marketing that your prospects want!

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