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Once you’re clear about the “who” in terms of your Right Fit Client, it’s time to move to the second area of clarity: the “what.”

The “what” means: what you want Right Fit Prospects to think about you.

Here’s the thing: people don’t think about you based on what you hope they will think about you.

Perception is reality. Prospects’ perception.2016.01.19 what to think

Prospects don’t know what to think about you, unless you teach them. So, if you’re not clear, how do you expect them to be clear?

They will default to the easiest thing to think. Which means they will automatically think that you are just like every other advisor.

How much time and effort are you investing in teaching your clients and ideal prospects what to think about you?

The first step is your own clarity. By the way, your clarity must include both sides of the coin.

Do this first!

Start by making a list of what you don’t want them to think. What things turn the affluent off? What things make you seem just like every other advisor?

Then do this: make a list of what you do want them to think.

Mine boiled down to these three: trusted consultant, specialist, and leading authority.

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