this made all the difference in my credibility

Coaches have made all the difference in my business.

Jay Abraham helped me understand the power of positioning.

Jay has been featured in USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, OTC Stock Journal, National Underwriter, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, Inc. magazine, and many publications.

He posed this question, “Who has already spent time and money to earn credibility with your Right Fit Prospect?”

Who’s already has credibility? What a great question.

That question and coaching from Dan Sullivan led to the creation of our charity seminar program.SK Abraham

How long would it have taken me, if ever, to figure that out on my own? How much time did Jay save me?

That one idea, and there were many, has been worth a ton!

Find someone who’s already spent time and money to earn credibility with your Right Fit Client.

Credibility Partners.

Super powerful positioning.

Big warning: unless you get this, this concept will be of zero value to you. This concept is not about marketing and selling you. Don’t think like that.

To succeed, you must be willing to serve the Credibility Partner; put their interests first, or you will crash and burn… big time.

Here’s an example: If our charity program was all about marketing me, do you think charities would pay me $10,000 to educate their donors? Of course not.

And Credibility Partners can also be the media. TV. Radio. Articles.

If during one of my TV interviews, I market myself, promote myself, sell myself, what would happen? That interview would go in the can, never air, and I’d never be called back!

If during a radio interview… same thing. Articles… same. Get it?

Serve the Credibility Partner and you will get even more back in positioning.

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