This makes me feel super human…

It’s my second week at Long Beach Island with Beth and Anni. Josh is in Switzerland, so it’s our first summer without him.

And today is my birthday 🙂

Two days ago, Beth and I celebrated 34 great years of marriage!

The last two weeks before we left were jam-packed… with energizing activities that left me feeling super human.

Nine Mastery Coaching sessions with advisors. Two of those were with our second highest level advisors, ELITE.

And, I spent two days in a high-level Business and Marketing training. It was my second training in the last six weeks. And one of over a dozen I will engage in this year.

Relentless coaching and mastermind groups were two of the nineteen principles Napoleon Hill discovered interviewing successful people and outlined in his book, Think and Grow Rich.

How can you increase the time and money you invest in coaching and mastermind groups this year?

Here’s how I choose: who is producing the RESULTS I want to produce.

Not thinking about it. Not pontificating about it.

Not hoping for it.

Not blackboard. Black top!

As you know, there are many who talk about results.

Get with people who are “running faster than you.” Producing results that take your breath away.

And stay with them until YOU are producing the same results.

It won’t be long before you pass them up!

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