three reasons prospects undervalue you…

Our 15th Double Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp is happening this week. Hundreds of advisors from three countries have already discovered the 7 X-factors that lead to million-dollar success.

I am so excited for the new, and returning, advisors who want more. More from their practices. And more from themselves.

So, what are you and your services really worth?

More than you think.

AND more than your prospects think.


First of all, why do prospects undervalue you and your services?

Three things.

Firstly, because we live in an information-overloaded world, everyone uses shortcuts.

Prospects shortcut by dropping you in an already created slot in their brain, i.e. financial advisor, to determine whether they should even pay attention to you.

When they do that, you are instantly commoditized.

Second, prospects have no real method for discerning your value or your uniqueness. And, they will NOT spend their time and energy trying to figure out how you are different or unique.

You must teach prospects how to understand your uniqueness. How to place a high value on what you deliver.

You must relate it to something they know. And you must quantify the benefits you provide.

You might find this exercise difficult. All advisors do.

If it’s difficult for you, what’s it like for your prospects?


Thirdly, prospects will not value you any more than you value yourself.

How much do YOU value what YOU offer?

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