what’s your story

What’s your story?

This past week, I created the “who are you and why do you do what you do” story for one of our coaching members to use with the Seminar Money Machine™.

One thing you should share liberally is your story.

Near the beginning of your seminar… your story. Near the beginning of a new prospect meeting… your story. In your communication… your story.

Told in such a way that people can join in and “see” themselves in your story and understand the reason for your passion.

One done correctly, prospects will conclude two things.2016-09-13

One… I’m like you.

Two… I like you.

“So, why should a prospect do business with you anyway?” one of my coaches asked.

“Because you need business” is not a great answer, true as it may be.

It’s not your fault… it’s how you have been trained. By companies that only want you to sell more.

Same way for me. It wasn’t until I began studying and coaching outside of the financial services world that I learned the true path to success.

You cannot sell the affluent.

They will buy; yet, they don’t want to be sold.

The affluent don’t buy what you do and how you do it. Take a look at every other advisors marketing. It’s what and how.

The affluent want something unique. They will buy who you are and why you do what you do.

That’s why I teach the Two Story Framework.

The story of you and the story of your process.

Create your story.

Now, tell your story.

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