where you this week?

Hey, where you going to be this week?

In Chicago with us, I hope. Our team and I will be there the whole week!

Our Coaching Members will be learning Advanced Advisor Marketing for two days. I love sharing what I have been learning from my coaches with our Mastery Coaching family.

Then, for three days, I will be training a group of advisors on how to double their closing ratio with The Affluent Engagement System®.

Hope to see YOU there!2016.07.26 overloaded2

Our world is on information overload. Internet. Smart phones. Traditional media. Social media… 🙁

In an information-saturated world, to keep their sanity, prospects will subconsciously (and quickly) seek to drop you into an already existing category in their mind.

That way, they can quickly say, “Financial advisor? Already have that. Money manager? Yep. Estate planner? That too.”

It makes decision-making easier for prospects. It helps them keep their sanity.

When that happens, you get stripped of your distinctiveness.

Marginalized. Commoditized.

Brought down to the lowest common denominator.

Already have that, prospects think to themselves.

Your marketing has been commoditized as well.

Why? It looks just like every other advisor’s marketing stuff.

The result is you’re spending more and more of your money for less and less results.

Plus, traditional advisor marketing breaks the fundamental rule when it comes to the affluent: it’s you talking about you.

Pull your marketing out and see how many pieces are about you.


That’s what your marketing has to do. Get the attention of prospects. The easiest way to do that?

Make your marketing about prospects’ biggest dangers, mistakes, worries, myths, challenges and fears.


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