who are your prospects listening to?

During a Mastermind Coaching session with successful business owners, each of us had to introduce ourselves and talk about our results. The company putting on the Program had grown from $1M to $100M in fifteen years. Impressive growth.

When the Founders spoke, I paid attention. There were some who had lots to share, yet had not produced much in terms of results.

Ever notice how you tune some people in, and you tune others out. You pay attention to the advice of some; and ignore the advice of others.

Why is that?

Certain people have earned a position of authority with you.

Earned it! That’s important to remember.

What does it take to earn that position with you?

I’m guessing it’s similar with your prospects.

Many advisors believe that prospects should hand the “authority mantle” over to them just because the advisor wants it.

They won’t.

You can’t take it. It must be earned.

Affluent prospects are not going to dump their current authority the minute you walk into their life. Know this: you must gain the position of authority; otherwise, your working relationship will not be good.

Should you run into someone who is unwilling to hand the “authority mantle” to you, find out what you need to do to earn it… or move on… quickly.

The most powerful way to earn the authority mantle?

Credibility stacking.

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