you can’t have this… nope…

It’s amazing what happens when I can’t have something.

I want it even more!

How about you? Same thing?

If that’s true with me and you, it’s true with prospects.

If that’s true, why are you pressing so hard with prospects?

When somebody presses you, what do you do? Resist!

When somebody pushes you, what do you do? Push back!

It’s human nature. 

If you press, your prospects will resist.

If you push, your prospects will push back.

Try this: When you feel a tug of war with a prospect… let go of the rope.

Say this: “It seems like maybe I haven’t fully understood what you want. Let’s revisit what you said you wanted…  So, if you keep doing what you are currently doing, will it get you what you want?”

Your prospects will move toward you if you have what they want.

It’s human nature.

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