you can’t make them

When I heard and felt the “pop” in my calf muscle, I knew something happened. I tried to keep exercising, but then the pain showed up.


Dang. Torn calf muscle. I didn’t want to stop working out, but the orthopedic doc said it was the only way to heal the muscle.


Here’s the thing about prospects: you can’t make them do what you want. They only do what they want.


There are 3 lies when it comes to selling affluent prospects.


Lie #1: The affluent can be sold.


Truth: They can’t be sold. They won’t be sold.


They will buy, but they’ll buy on their terms, for their reasons, in their way.


Prospects buy when they want, how they want, for the reasons they want… not yours.


You’d better understand that or you’ll strike out with the affluent over and over again.


Trying to sell the affluent actually backfires in your face. Throw away all the sales stuff you’ve learned… it’s a different ballgame with affluent clients.


It begins with what they want…

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