you have the creds?

Just finished a business mastermind in Los Angeles with the author of 80/20 Marketing, Perry Marshall.

Perry is brilliant and has been a coach of mine for a number of years. I listen to Perry, because he has earned my trust.

Ever notice how you tune some people out, and you tune others in. You pay attention to the advice of some; and ignore the advice of others.

Why is that?

They have earned a position of authority with you. A position of trust.

Earned it!

Same for affluent prospects.

Many advisors believe that prospects should instantly hand over the “authority mantle” to them just because the advisor wants it.

Prospects won’t.

You can’t take it from them. It must be earned.

Affluent clients are not going to dump their current advisor the minute you walk into their life, unless…

You earn the position of authority by Stacking Your Credibility.

Remember: the ONE with the most credibility WINS.

Take an inventory of your Credibility Staircase™ and add ONE more this quarter.

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